Celadon Studio and Fine Art

1601 N. Sepulveda Blvd. #607
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Innovative Fine Art for your Walls & Ceilings

Decorative Finishes

Please contact our studio to set up an appointment for a consultation. With a strong portfolio, as well as an extensive collection of sample boards, you'll have a hard time settling on just one finish.

Café del Mar, Marina Del Rey
- Cobalt Accent Wall

Copper Penny Decorative Finish

Copper Penny Accent Wall

Etched Venetian Plaster

Contemporary Ventian Plaster
- Stand House, Manhattan Beach, CA

Textured Pewter Decorative Finish

Inlaid Gold Panel

Grand Dining Room Ceiling - Rancho Sante Fe, CA

Gold Leaf Medallion

Ancient Damask Plaster Finish

Plaster Walls w/ Inlaid Spanish Tile - Manhattan Beach, CA

Cracken Linen Harlequin Decorative Finish

Hearst Castle Decorative Finish

Venetian Red Library Accent Wall with Grotessca Scrollwork

Embossed Leather Decorative Finish

Signature Color Wash

Private Wine Cellar
- Palos Verdes, CA

Embossed Linen Decorative Finish

Pressed Copper Decorative Finish

Contemporary Squares Decorative Finish

Cuban Cigar Rolled Paper Decorative Finish

French Farm House

Spanish Revival Fireplace

Breakaway Venetian Plaster

Red Pompeii Decorative Finish

Jewel Box Powder Room - Palos Verdes, CA

Mandarin Dynasty

Contemporary Glass Bead
Accent Wall

Faux Textured Wood Grain

Old Hollywood Satin and Textured Stripes

Moroccan Plaster with
Ironwork Border

Moroccan Veranda Walls

Burnt Sienna Ironwork
Inset Border

Gecko Decorative Finish

Crocodile Decorative Finish

Serpentine Marble and
Plaster Decorative Finish

Polished Venetian Plaster Detail


Gilded and Torn Plaster

Copper Leaf Medallions

Inlaid Silver Niche

Spanish Brick Decorative Finish

Polished Abalone Shell
Decorative Finish