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Innovative Fine Art for your Walls & Ceilings

Nurseries & Children's Rooms

When it comes to Nurseries and Children's Rooms...They are our specialty! These spaces are perfect to start your child's imagination growing, while creating an artistic space for your little one to thrive. Whether you want to re-create a retro jungle scene, a fairy garden with cherry blossom trees, or a chic contemporary look, we can do it all!

When designing a mural for your child’s room, we at Celadon welcome every parent's input - Your suggestions are gladly incorporated into each and every mural. We also work hard to ensure your child’s room has a timeless feel, which can allow your little one to grow with the space for years to come.

From little details in lady bugs, to skies that will get your child's imagination running free, you won't want to miss out on the perfect space for your dearest little treasures.