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Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Innovative Fine Art for your Walls & Ceilings


"It was WONDERFUL having you in our home. Not only have we been left with beautiful rooms, but your kindness and charming personality have left an impact on us! You are wonderful to everyone - Thank you for treating everyone (painters, house cleaner, children, designers) alike. That in itself validates what a dynamic person you are!"
- C. Sodl, Mural Work

"I love, love, love everything you do! You made me feel like the work you did was the most special work you had ever done. I am sure most people are like me, wishing when you leave that I could be your best friend forever."
- S. Lang, Mural Work and Decorative Painting

"You are excited about what you do, and it shows. You knew I had a time line and made it work!"
- K. Gabriel, Nursery Decorative Painting

"Your special touches, attention to detail, professionalism and incredible talent make you the best there is. Thank you for making us want to live in our house forever!" - K. Patton, Sky Ceiling, Mural Work and Decorative Finishes

"We are ecstatic with the look. The professionalism of the crew and the exceptional talent of the artist. The personality and charm of Nichole is wonderful. We are absolutely delighted with the job from beginning to end. Thank you for an extraordinary job!"
- R. Krusic, Decorative Painting

"Nichole was a one-of-a-kind artist opened to suggestions, with great communication and lots of client interaction. You understood our concept and were very easy to work with."
- S. McGanty, Mural Work and Decorative Painting

"We were beyond pleased. Our store has received a number of compliments, and you were very professional and reliable."
- R. Monroe, Owner "Wee Feet", Mural Work and Decorative Painting

"It was exactly what we were looking for. Your friendly approach, as well as the great quality and craftsmanship of the work was outstanding."
- S. Shaub, Mural Work

"You love what you do and it shows in your work. Your attention to detail makes everything you do very special." P. Calza, Mural Work

"The mural is fabulous! I appreciated Nichole's creative approach, cheery attitude, professionalism, and her willingness to incorporate our personal requests. The mural is truly a masterpiece - It demonstrates such a beautiful, creative and intricate attention to detail."
- D. Repentigny, Underwater Mural

"I was impressed from the start - Very good attitude and presentation, as well as organized and prepared."
- M. Grabiak, Hand-Painted Ornamental Scroll Work

"I could not be happier with how the project turned out! Nichole is very approachable, and I feel like the project was a true collaboration. You made the room PERFECT!" - M. Holcomb, Nursery Mural Work

"Nichole was a pleasure to work with and did a wonderful job painting the rooms of my two baby girls. Thank you, Nichole!"
- L. O'Grady, Nursery Mural Work

"Everything looks great, especially the special touches you added to complete the rooms. I was so pleased with your work and professionalism."
- M.Finkelstein, Mural Work and Decorative Painting

"Your enthusiasm and positive attitude were fantastic. You were clean and self-contained, and we love our powder room now!"
- D. Lemieux, Decorative Painting

"Nichole is very professional. You listened to my ideas and made it come to life. And the colors you picked out were perfect!"
- D. Haan, Mural Work

"Love the clouds! You were easy to work with, understanding of what I needed, and great execution. Can't wait to work together again!"
- D. Cummings, clouds and Mural Work

"Great job! You did what you said you were going to do on time, and the finished product is excellent. Also, the prep crew did an outstanding job."
- B. Calvert, Decorative Painting

"My kids still talk about Miss Nichole -They loved watching her work!"
- W. Watson, nursery Mural Work and Decorative Finishes